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    Grape variety: Pinot Noir & St. Laurent

    Fermentation in the bottle

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    Blanc de Noirs 2013
    Sekt g.U. Große Reserve

    For our Blanc de Noirs, we selected Pinot Noir and St. Laurent grapes of excellent quality from an outstanding vintage, harvested by hand in small crates with low fill height. The freshly harvested grapes were quickly brought to the cellar and gently pressed. After spontaneous fermentation, the wine matured for several months in a large barrel made of local oak before being filled into bottles for secondary fermentation.

    Time took care of the rest. Patience played a crucial role in the development of our Blanc de Noirs, as our special vintage sparkling wine aged on lees until October 2023 to unfold its balance and finesse. After manually riddling each bottle for several weeks, we expelled the yeast and refilled the bottles with the same sparkling wine post-disgorgement. Truly Brut Nature, to tell the vineyard's story as purely as possible. Lastly, we sealed the bottles with natural cork and a natural paper band.

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    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch