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    Grape variety: Riesling
    Hand picked grapes from organic farming

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    Riesling 2020

    A few years ago we discovered through careful observation of our vineyards that the flora and geology in a small plot on the east side of Ried Heiligenstein is different from the rest of the site. In old records and through information from the previous owner we discovered that a small source rises here, which has a decisive influence on the vineyard. It is said that there was once a stone hut with a water basin fed by the source, where the winegrowers used to soak the straw to tie up the vines. The vegetation here is exceptional: water-loving plants thrive, such as reeds, which are not found elsewhere on Heiligenstein. Due to the special conditions above and below the ground, the source ensures an optimal supply of water for the vines even in dry, warm years, which supports their vitality. Water as the elixir of life releases essential minerals and nutrients from the depths of the 250 million year old Permian rock, which are absorbed by the fine vine roots. The water very finely covers the Permian rock and thus brings chalk into the soil.

    For the Riesling Quelle, vines in the immediate vicinity of this source are selected and the grapes are carefully picked by hand. After a short maceration period, the Riesling was fermented spontaneously and then matured for 18 months on full lees in a used wooden barrel. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

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