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    100 % Cabernet Sauvignon
    Soil: South facing exposition, mighty humus layers over loess
    Hand picked grapes from organic farming

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    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Reserve 2019

    Red berries comprise the frame in which eucalyptus, ash, vanilla, and raw meat romp. Abundant tannin, a persistent attribute of Cabernet Sauvignon, makes a ripe and juicy impression and is never aggressive. Tobacco and pepper complete the aroma profile and contribute to a highly spicy palate. And the rest? It is compact, well structured, aristocratic and elegant.

    Why beat around the bush? Cabernet Sauvignon does not have an easy life in the Austrian climate. This could possibly change in the coming years with the successive climate change. Currently, a warm, sunny and long autumn is necessary to achieve optimal results in the bottle. The grapes, planted in a directly south facing exposition, basked in the sun. The deeply rooted vines found optimal nourishment throughout the entire year. The resulting grapes were completely ripe and healthy and were distinguished by intense fruitiness. We strived to preserve this superb fruit via fermentation in wooden vats, extremely gentle pressing, and 15-months maturation in new 300-litre barrels. If you decant, you can enjoy a classy wine now, but a few years bottle maturation in the cellar will suit this Cabernet well.

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