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    Variety: Riesling
    Soils: Zöbing Perm rock, desert sandstone

    Hand picked grapes from organic farming

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    Riesling Spätlese

    Permstein 2021

    The vineyards on Zöbingerr Heiligenstein, where our Riesling vines are rooted on Permgestein, gives us some excellent sweet wines in special years. The grapes for this Spätlese are harvested by hand on October 28.

    Around the wine village of Zöbing an in Austria unique composition of geology can be found, which has been suitable for Riesling for centuries now. In the deposits of the over 250 million years old sediments and rocks containing fossilized plants and gravels with clasts of volcanic rhyolites (effusive rocks from magma interspersed with quartz). The combination of climate and soils and the Kamp River, which flows past the bottom of the Heiligenstein, bring a uniqueness, which can be found almost nowhere else. Since it is only allowed to indicate the origin by means of a site designation with dry wines within the Kamptal area, we decided to indicate the origin of this Spätlese through its geology, the Zöbinger Perm.

    Making of the wine

    On Oktober 28, 2021 golden-yellow, picture-perfect botrytis-free grapes were harvested by hand. After a native-yeast fermentation, the wine rested on the full lees for half a year, followed by another year of aging on the fine lees to ensure natural sedimentation. We want to intervene in the wine production as little as possible and provide as much time as the wine needs to develop.